My professional services include Italian translation, localization of websites, applications and software, and subtitle creation and translation. I work for direct clients (individuals or companies big and small) and translation agencies located locally, nationally and worldwide.


Why go to a professional translator? Translation is a process that requires experience, skill and extensive knowledge of the languages being translated, as well as the culture that they belong to and the subject matter in question (concepts and terminology).

A text may need to be translated for commercial or business reasons, for publishing, or for personal documentation.

My translation services can help you in many of these areas, across many kinds of text. This may include informative material (internal company documents, publicity, brochures, press releases, editorial material, websites, etc.) or technical material (instruction manuals, product catalogues, data sheets, terms and conditions, informed consent, contracts and patents, etc.).

Please feel free to to contact me and send me your files for a free quote with no obligation. It will be my pleasure to analyse them and give you my best rate in a timely manner.

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The audiovisual sector encompasses various disciplines, from transcription to subtitling, voice-over and dubbing.

My specialization is subtitling, which can include transcribing the audio in the original language, creating the start and end times for the subtitles appearing on the screen, and translating the dialogues while paying particular attention to space and time constraints. It is therefore far more than a purely linguistic service.

Subtitling requires technical skills, and the ability to be concise and adaptable so that the viewer can watch the subtitled end product in a natural and enjoyable manner. To obtain that result, the individual subtitles must fit within set space and time limits, but without sacrificing the meaning carried in the message.

Subtitling can be used in multimedia environments such as film festivals (short and feature films, documentaries), movies, TV series, advertisements, informational videos, and more.

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Localization is more than just translating the language content of a website, software program, application or video game. In this area, the technical and cultural aspects are just as important.

Additionally, just like in subtitling, the localizer must usually stay within specific space restraints. When translating, the space and layout of the source text therefore also need to be considered.

On other occasions, the translation may need to be adapted to the target market for cultural reasons, tweaking or making substantial changes to the content of the text and other elements. This means the work can vary greatly according to the project.

Another important aspect of website localization is considering the elements needed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when translating the text, so that visitors’ web searches display the web page within the first few results.

Although SEO is a complex area requiring expert skills which go far beyond selecting the right keywords, taking it into account during the drafting and translation processes can have a significant impact on a page’s ranking in search engines.

The main localization services that I offer are translating websites and content for effective SEO, translating software and applications, and web-check (reviewing content, layout and hyperlinks on a localized website).

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