Holiday with van

I’ve worked in the tourism/hotel industry since 2012, translating publicity and informational material for hotel facilities and tourist guides for cities of art.

This area often involves food, tourist attractions of natural, social or cultural interest, and transport available at the destination in question.

At the same time, my own experience managing bookings and welcoming guests at accommodation facilities over the last 6 years adds a further dimension to my specialization.

Luxury goods

black and white close view of watch mechanism

Luxury goods is one of the areas I’ve worked with the most over the last 2 years. I predominantly translate texts concerning high-end timepieces, fine jewellery, perfume, cosmetics and motoring.

Some of the major brands’ websites and texts that I’ve translated include OMEGA, Chanel, Frédérique Constant, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Thierry Mugler, Cartier, Hermès, Nespresso, and Citroën.


35 mm cinema film reel and out of focus movie clapper board in background on wooden floor

Since 2012 I’ve translated short films, feature films and documentaries every year for the international festival Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto (“Everyone on the Same Plate”) – the Film and Food Festival for the Sake of Knowledge.

I’ve also contributed to an edition of the Trento Film Festival, dedicated to mountains, adventure and exploration.

Some of the most interesting productions that I’ve created and translated subtitles for include High Tension (telling the perilous chain of events that mountaineers Ueli Steck and Simone Moro experienced during their ascent of Everest in 2013), Just a Normal Working Week, Carne Osso (“Bone Meat”) (exposing the inhuman working conditions in the Brazilian meat-processing sector), Raising Resistance (recounting farmers’ struggle against the aggressive expansion of genetically modified soy production in Paraguay), César Chávez (devoted to the American civil rights activist of the same name), The Raw and the Cooked, Finding Gaston (profiling the famous Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio), Bugs (could eating insects save the planet?) and In Defence of Food (adapted from the book written by Micheal Pollan).

As well as the big screen, I have also completed subtitling projects for TV series, advertisements, interviews and more.

Fair trade & Environment

Produkte aus fairem Handel

The fair-trade sector is closely tied to that of the environment and sustainability. These are issues that are close to my heart, and which have become an area of expertise following my partnership with the Tutti Nello Stesso Piatto international festival.

Fair trade is an approach to business based on dialogue and respect for the environment and workers’ rights, which strives for greater equality between developed and developing countries, guaranteeing direct, sustainable access to the market for small-scale producers.

Today the market is dominated by large multinationals which are often detrimental to small-scale farmers, endangering the environment and violating the human rights of workers. In response, Fair Trade organizations are actively working towards fully sustainable development by providing support, raising awareness, and running campaigns designed to secure better financial conditions and respect the human rights of small-scale producers.

Other sectors

My own interests, training courses and various partnerships as a translator and interpreter have also led me to gain experience in the following areas:


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