Linguistic services for sustainability and health

« Many little people, in little places,
doing little things, can change the world. »

Eduardo Galeano

If you are looking for a way to communicate your eco-friendly service, ecological product or green & healthy project to an Italian or Spanish audience, the best option is to seek a professional who can tailor the message to their language and culture. As a freelance translator since 2014, I offer my linguistic, technical and cultural expertise to provide translation services into Italian and Spanish (in collaboration with native Spanish reviewers), localisation of websites, applications and software, as well as creating and translating subtitles. I work for direct clients (individuals, companies, cultural bodies, film festivals and non-profit organisations), and translation, marketing and communication agencies.

For more information about the specialist sectors that I work in, visit this page.


Why go to a professional translator?

Translation is a process that requires experience, meticulous research and documentation skills, extensive knowledge of the languages being translated and the culture they represent, the subject matter being translated, and specific terminology in the field.
After an initial exchange to discuss the type of work required, the volume and timeline, you will receive a personalised offer based on an analysis of all those aspects, which is specifically put together to meet your requirements.


Localisation is more than just translating the language content of a website, software program, application or video game. In this field, the technical, visual, cultural and editorial aspects (including SEO) are just as important. It isn’t just the text that is localised, but also non-text elements like images and colours.


The audiovisual sector encompasses various disciplines, from transcription to subtitling, voice-over and dubbing. My specialisation is subtitling, which may include transcribing the audio in the original language, creating the start and end times for the subtitles appearing on the screen, and translating the dialogues while paying particular attention to character limits and reading time. It therefore goes much further than language alone.